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July 2017

In Saudi Arabia, gender shapes cities in a way that is not commonly found in other cities due to Saudi Arabia’s imposed gender segregation. This segregation policy drives both genders to different areas of the city in different ways, influencing the emergence of gendered spaces. In this paper, we utilize social media data to better understand... Continue Reading

July 2016

Increased interest in renewable generation has made siting constraints more
prominent in power system planning. In addition the power system is increasingly being
considered as one of many coupled critical infrastructure systems in nexus’ such as the foodenergy-water nexus and the gas-electricity nexus. This paper describes a power... Continue Reading

January 2016

Distributed generation takes center stage in today’s rapidly changing energy landscape. Particularly, locally matching demand and generation in the form of microgrids is becoming a promising alternative to the central distribution paradigm. Infrastructure networks have long been a major focus of complex networks research with their spatial... Continue Reading

November 2015

In many of the regions with abundant solar energy, atmospheric aerosols, and dust in particular, comprise a pressing issue in harnessing their energy potential. A better understanding of the natural and environmental boundaries of energy systems can yield to performance optimization of current technology. This work aims to incorporate the... Continue Reading

November 2015

In this paper we introduce a decision support system framework termed the Integrated Energy Decision Support System (IEDSS). IEDSS was developed for energy planning at national and regional levels to inform energy planners at multiple levels of government. IEDSS employs system dynamics modeling to enable the rapid evaluation of the outcomes of... Continue Reading

September 2015

An increasingly urbanizing human population presents new challenges for urban planners and designers. While the field of urban design tools is expanding, urban development scenarios require the input of multiple stakeholders, each with different outlooks, expertise, requirements, and preconceptions, and good urban design requires communication... Continue Reading

July 2015

With the growing complexity in Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) and their integration in the decision-making process, user acceptance of these TUI systems continues to be an important issue.

July 2015

In this paper, we present CoTI, a Collaborative Tangible Interface to support decision making in complex systems. We start by describing the system architecture and the tangible interaction interface with an overview of design considerations for information architecture, navigation layers on multi-touch surfaces, and interaction modalities.

May 2015

Solar photovoltaics are rapidly emerging as promising technologies to tackle the world’s energy
challenge. Certain geographic locations with high levels of insolation, while offering vast capacities for
harnessing the world’s available sunshine, face certain climatic challenges. The dust problem, particularly,
a prevalent... Continue Reading