Wail Alkowaileet

Research Associate
Center for Complex Engineering Systems

Wail Alkowaileet is a Research Associate at the Center for Complex Engineering Systems (CCES) at KACST and MIT. Wail graduated with honors from King Saud University with a BSc in computer science. After his undergraduate studies, he worked as an associate software engineer at Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) Riyadh. In 2013, he
received his MSc in computer science from the University of California, Irvine (UCI). During his studies at UCI, he joined the Schark Research Group under the supervision of Prof. Isaac D. Scherson. In his thesis, “NUMA-aware Multicore Matrix Multiplication”, Wail demonstratd one way to overcome the multisocket architecture complexity for matrix multiplication.

Wail's interests include high performance computing, GPGPU, numerical analysis and compilers.

List of publications

NUMA-Aware Multicore Matrix Multiplication (Parallel Processing Letters)