Steven Connors

Regional Energy Alternatives Director
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stephen Connors directs the Analysis Group for Regional Energy Alternatives (AGREA) at the MIT Energy Initiative. Since 1987, AGREA has conducted research on cost-effective and environmentally-responsible local and regional energy solutions. Projects in the USA, Europe, China, Mexico and elsewhere have focused on the cost and emissions benefits of transformative energy portfolios including high penetration renewable energy, smart grids including energy storage, smart demands, and sustainable mobility.

Mr. CONNORS also supervises and advises numerous MIT students interested in a broad range of energy topics including wind, integrated energy planning, and bringing new energy technologies to market. Current MITei-AGREA activities include the Sustainable Energy and Transportation Systems focus area of the MIT-Portugal Program -- including the Green Islands Program, and the Sustainable Infrastructure Planning System (SIPS) and Strategic Solar Desalination Network (SSDN) projects of the joint KACST-MIT Center for Complex Engineering Systems.

In addition to his research at MIT, Mr. Connors also advises many groups and has also been a reviewer and editorial board member for several scientific journals including Wind Engineering and Sustainability Science.

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