Samar Alqatari

Research Specialist
Center for Complex Engineering Systems​

Samar Alqatari is a research specialist at CCES. Since joining in November 2014, she has been working primarily on the impact of dust and air-quality on solar technologies. She has developed a spatiotemporal optimization model for solar photovoltaics deployment, which takes into account the impact of dust. She has also looked into dust mitigation using different self-cleaning technologies.

Her work on dust tied to different projects at the center: the Sustainable Infrastructure Planning System (SIPS), Strategic Solar Desalination Network (SSDN), and recently, the Saudi Desert-Greening project. Additionally, she is part of the Urban Power Demand and Innovation Space project teams.

Prior to joining the center, she graduated from Stanford University ’14 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in history. While in college, she pursued her interests in renewable energy through research: first by working as a research assistant at Masdar Institute, characterizing ZnO thin films and studying applications in solid state devices; and then at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics where she worked on perovskite solar cells.

She is interested in physics, energy, complex systems, network science, and the energy-environment-political economy nexus.