Mariam Nouh

Research Associate
Center for Complex Engineering System

DPhil Candidate
Department of Computer Science
University of Oxford

Mariam is a DPhil candidate in Cyber Security, department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. Her research interest is in the areas of detection and prediction of cyber-crime and intelligence gathering.

Before joining Oxford, Mariam worked on two projects with CCES: The Integrated Energy Decision Support System (IEDSS) project and the Cyber Security Initiative (CSI) project. Her work in IEDSS involved investigating approaches to design and architect a web-based decision support system that facilitates a collaborative decision-making process between multiple stakeholders. In CSI project, she worked on studying topics related to online data privacy, information leakage, and malicious activity detection system.

Prior to joining CCES, she worked as an Information System Security Analyst at Riyadh Bank in Saudi Arabia as part of the security compliance team.

Mariam holds M.A.Sc. degree in Information systems security, from Concordia University, Montreal Canada, and a Bsc. degree from King Saud University College of Computer and Information Sciences in Information Technology, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

In her downtime, she enjoys doing freelance photography and horseback riding.

List of publications

Twitter: Who gets Caught? Observed Trends in Social Micro-blogging Spam (ACM Web Science Conference, WebSci '14, Indiana)
Social Information Leakage: Effects of Awareness and Peer Pressure on User Behavior (International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction)
Towards Cloud-based Decision Support Platform for Group Decision Making (IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC’13))