Kael Greco

M.S. Student
Senseable City Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology​

Kael is a research assistant at the Senseable City Lab, and a graduate student in Urban Studies and Planning and Technology Policy at MIT. He received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California San Diego and holds bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Art from the University of Wisconsin Madison. His current research investigates the implications of advancing information and communications technologies in the realms of urban governance, policy, and planning. This work consists of technological initiatives and interventions that confront civil issues at a variety of scales; from software platforms that enable government bodies to make creative, more socially-responsive urban development plans, to apps that empower citizens to make smarter, more environmentally-friendly transportation choices.

Kael is currently part of the Urban Traffic System (UTS) project within CCES, where he focuses on the analysis and representation of Riyadh’s mobile phone activity as a means of revealing the inherent mobility dynamics of the city. Prior to attending MIT, he directed the Digital Anyang project at APAP2010, a speculative software platform for an "Open Source" city for the government of Anyang, South Korea.

List of publications

The City Browser: Utilizing Massive Call Data to Infer City Mobility Dynamics (ACM International Workshop on Urban Computing, New York)