Ebrahim Balghunaim

Research Specialist
Center for Complex Engineering Systems

Ebrahim’s research areas of interest span Renewable Technologies, Economic Modeling, Sustainability, and Investments. An engineer by training, Ebrahim enjoys highly analytical approaches to solving problems facing both society and science. He obtained his Sc.B. from MIT in Electrical Science and Engineering with a Humanities concentration in Economics.

Ebrahim’s current research projects are:
National Power Network Systems (NPNS): Ebrahim’s role in this project is how to optimally liberalize the Saudi electricity market given the fact that the fossil fuel subsidy structure in Saudi will drastically change, due to political and economic reasons. Ebrahim’s approach is to use research from previously liberalized markets, such as the Spanish market, and apply traditional optimization techniques to find the optimal generation mix given temporal and spatial constraints. This will set the stage for a dynamic electricity market that would essentially produce a price for each MW traded over the network.
Computable General Equilibrium Regional Saudi Inclusive Wealth Model (GERSIM): The project’s purpose is to understand and better serve decision makers in making decisions when it comes to investments in Solar Energy, Water, Agriculture, Social programs, such as education and healthcare, and Industry.