Carolina ​Osorio

Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carolina Osorio is an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at MIT. She develops operations research techniques to inform the design and operations of transportation systems. Her research then uses these techniques to mitigate the economic, human health, energy and environmental impacts of urban congestion, to improve the reliability and robustness of transportation systems, as well as to enhance the experience of travelers. The techniques combine ideas from the fields of probability theory, simulation, simulation-based optimization, derivative-free optimization, nonlinear optimization, statistics, traffic control and traffic flow theory. She has received the prestigious European Association of Operational Research Societies (EURO) Doctoral Dissertation Award, the Transportation Research Forum paper award, and various fellowships from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss National Science Foundation. As part of the CCES UTS project, she has worked on the development of a microscopic traffic simulation model, and its use to design traffic management strategies.