Abdulaziz Khiyami

Research Associate
Center for Complex Engineering Systems

Abdulaziz Khiyami is a research associate at the Centre for Complex Engineering Systems at KACST and MIT. He received his BEng in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, and was awarded the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Best Student Certificate for meritorious performance. Aziz followed up his undergraduate studies by earning a distinction in the MSc Sustainable Energy Systems programme, also at the University of Edinburgh.

In his academic studies Aziz’s research focused on the electrical power sector. His undergraduate project involved modelling the All-Ireland electric grid, analyzing high levels of wind penetration. His graduate project focused on decomposing residential loads for the purpose of power quality analysis. His main research interest is in distributed generation and its potential, feasibility, and ability to change the power industry at large. Since joining CCES Aziz has focused his efforts on the Strategic Solar Desalination Network (SSDN) and the Sustainable Infrastructure Planning System (SIPS), anticipating and modelling the future of water and electricity in the Kingdom.

Outside of his work and studies Aziz enjoys a wide variety of literature and himself is a writer of screenplays and contemporary journalism in student newspapers and magazines.