Who We Are

With more than 60 affiliates from across the globe, and hailing from the leading academic and research institutions and from the most highly ranked laboratories for leading-edge science in the fields of complex systems engineering, CCES is a lively and robust community of scholars, practitioners and professionals as diverse in achievements as they are in specialization and sheer talent.

Our team is comprised of a cadre of professors from more than a dozen disciplines of instruction, research scientists, graduate students and post-docs from a wide array of fields of study and expertise. Our team based in Riyadh at KACST is comprised of professors and research affiliates associated with or the highest ranking graduates of the best educational and research institutions from the Kingdom and beyond.

The span of our affiliates' international reach enhances not only the interactions between scholarly researchers and applied project stakeholders, it enriches the breadth of possibilities to push the limits of novel scientific research into new and exciting territories of thought and application.