Over the next 50 years, a billion more people will be demanding modern services, mainly in the cities of the developing world. Systems that provide these services include energy, water, as well as transportation, information and communication, industry, education and health care delivery. Improving the effectiveness of these large-scale systems is an important challenge.

This will require a better understanding of the behaviors of these systems within their respective domains. Domains are functional areas of applications that have traditionally been self-contained and often evolved independently. However, for creating truly sustainable complex systems it is important to take an integrated, multi-domain approach. In large-scale complex systems, a number of sub-systems, that are often also complex and large in their own right, interact and function together. Understanding these is both important and challenging but this is precisely why CCES is committed to advancing research in such complex engineering systems. The first step towards that objective is to identify the system domains of interest in Saudi Arabia. CCES is currently focusing on the following domains:

• Energy
• Information and Communication
• Transportation
• Urbanism
• Water

​Additional domains of interest include: Labor and workforce, Agriculture, Industry (Services/Manufacturing), Education and Healthcare.