Tackling engineering systems challenges will require new framing and modeling methodologies. Researchers at CCES bring an engineering mind-set to problems that do not lend themselves to purely quantitative approaches or purely technical solutions. Researchers will seek out approaches that combine perspectives from engineering, computer science, management, and social sciences to understand, design, and implement engineering systems. These approaches can be viewed as “lenses” or “sets of tools” through which particular multi-domain problems are viewed and tackled. These will include some of the following approaches:

System Architecture & Engineering
Stakeholder Network Value Analysis
Object-Process Methodology (OPM)
Design Structure Matrices (DSM)

Computational Design & Simulation
Generative Synthesis
Discrete event
Agent Based
System Dynamics
Game Theory

Optimization and Operations Research
Decision Analysis and Statistical Decision Theory
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Mathematical Programming and Combinatorial Optimization
Networks and Flows
Network Synthesis and Analysis
Multi-Network Correlation
Data Driven Analysis
Machine Learning
Computational Statistics
Data Mining
Probabilistic Systems Analysis & Graphical models

Visualization and Human Computer Interaction
Visual analytics
Scientific visualization
Tangible and virtual Interfaces

Uncertainty and Risk Management
Layers of Risk
Uncertainty modeling
Robustness and Flexibility

Life Cycle Analysis Modeling
Net Present Value Analysis
Real Options Analysis

Policy and Standards
Technical Standards and Protocols
Policy Setting Mechanisms